RORO vessels were designed to ship large assets.

RORO stands for Roll On Roll Off. It’s a type of shipping vessel designed to handle freight that is too large to fit into shipping containers. Initially developed in the 19th century for the transport of trains across waterways, RORO became commercially available in Japan in the 1960’s with the globalization of the auto industry. was developed to make shipping large assets as fast and easy as possible. If you are shipping machinery, cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RVs, or motorcycles worldwide, you can get instant quotes, check upcoming schedules, and book your international shipment in seconds on

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Illustration of a RORO vessel

How does RORO work?

With RORO shipping, your cargo is driven or towed on and off ocean vessels, using built-in ramps that can withstand up to one million pounds. Cargo shipped on RORO vessels can be shipped “as is” with no dismantling required.

Your asset is delivered directly to the port, and picked up directly from the port at your destination. RORO trade routes are focused on specific global regions, so it is often the fastest way to ship large assets, and allows for a faster return on your investment.

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