Professional dismantling to save you money!

We offer dismantling and loading services to provide you the most complete and cost-effective shipping options. Some machines require dismantling due to their size and weight, while others can be shipped as is. Dismantling can reduce your shipping costs.

Dismantling for RORO Shipping

When shipping a machine on a RORO vessel, dismantling is not necessary. However, dismantling certain components of a machine may reduce ocean freight costs. For example, dismantling the blade from the front of a bulldozer, or the exhaust pipe above a truck’s cab, are common ways to reduce freight costs. These items are shipped alongside the main unit of your machine, on the same vessel, at the same time.

The price of RORO shipping is based on the asset’s measurements: the length, width, and height, which when combined determine the total volume of your asset. Reducing the measurements also reduces the total volume and your overall shipping costs. Our team will advise you of these options whenever possible.

Large object rolling onto a vessel

Dismantling for Container Shipping

When shipping a machine in a container, dismantling is often necessary for the machine to physically fit into the container. No matter where your machine is located across the US or Canada, we can find the most cost-effective routing through our extensive network of dismantling partners.

We dismantle machinery professionally, so you can have the machines reassembled safely and securely upon arrival. If you are considering shipping machinery in a container, we recommend first contacting a service that can reassemble your machine at your shipment’s destination.

Some machines are simply too large to fit into shipping containers. Whenever possible, we offer both options so you can make the best decision for your machinery shipment.

We look forward to working with you on your upcoming international shipment. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at, or call 1-407-605-RORO. You can also click on the chat icon on this page to be connected directly to our sales team.

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