Custom solutions for special equipment.

Some items are simply too large to fit into shipping containers, and also cannot be towed or driven onto RORO vessels. For these items, we offer a range of special equipment including flat racks, open top containers, and MAFIs. No matter the size of your project, we can build a custom solution to handle your shipment quickly and cost effectively.

Flat Racks

Special container equipment is available to handle certain types of cargo. Flat rack containers are containers with no walls or top, just a flat platform that is loaded onto container shipping vessels. Flat racks are used to accommodate cargo that is wider than a container, but does not exceed the weight limit.

Open Top Containers

Open top containers are containers with no top, so cargo can be loaded and unloaded through the top opening, as opposed to enclosed containers which require the cargo to go through the doors on one end. Open top containers are used to handle cargo which is too heavy to position into the container through the doors, or that exceeds the height of an enclosed container.


A MAFI is a mobile platform that is used to move large immobile cargo on and off of RORO vessels. When an asset that cannot be towed or driven is too heavy to be shipped on a container vessel, shipping it on a MAFI may be the best solution. When the asset is delivered to the port, it is unloaded from the truck and secured directly onto the MAFI platform for loading onto the vessel.

Through our network of ground transporters, dismantling and loading facilities, port services, and ocean freight providers, we can handle any size shipment to any destination. Special pricing for large scale shipments takes the volume of your project into consideration, so that we can give you the best possible price and schedule for your project.

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